Chris 'Cheif' Lawson

As the founders of SPIRIT we organize and control the direction of the group much like the CEO of a business. We have the final say in membership, investigations, and overall operations of the group. I am the founder of SPIRIT along with my co-founder Ed Adams. I have been interested in the paranormal since early childhood. My father told me of seeing the apparition of his mother (my grandmother) shortly after her death. My grandfather had a real interest in ghosts as well. Over the last twenty years, I have done a great deal of research in parapsychology. I have taught parapsychology courses and continue to do so. Also, I have experience in cryptozoology. Visiting many proclaimed haunted locations both domestic and abroad has taught me a great deal. You might say I came into the field when the paranormal TV shows had not popularized the study and the Paranormal was not cool. I have been a member of a few other paranormal groups years ago. After years of study and participating in other groups, I was able to identify one problem with those groups and it was internal politics and lack of knowledge of parapsychology, lack of professionalism, , and a non-cooperative attitude toward other groups. So in 2002 I decided it was time to form a professional group. One that would not have these issues and hence forth SPIRIT was born. I am a father of four children and a Grandfather to one and one on the way. I am a Fire Chief and medic by trade. I also am an Retired Associate Professor at a local university. I am a past master of Prospect Lodge 714, member of the Indianapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite, Chief of Masonic Emergency Services (MES), Member of Prather York Rite and Lavent Preceptory, Murat Shrine, Royal Order of Scotland, and I was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky.

Ed Adams

As the co-founder of SPIRIT we organize and control the direction of the group much like a CEO of a business. We have the final say in membership, investigations, and overall operation of the group.

Andrew Brooks

Research Manager
The research Manager is the unsung hero of history for our team. When we receive, an investigation request we send the physical address to our research manager who will research the property as far back as they can. We use this information to assist us in an investigation. A lead investigator is one who has been an “investigator” and has been promoted to a lead position on the team. Andrew is third in charge of the group and will fill in for one of the founders when needed. They have sufficient amount of field time to be considered very competent in their ability to lead an investigative party during an investigation on their own.

Nathen Brewer

IT, Social Media Manager & Asst. Tech Manager
The IT manager is responsible and accountable for the smooth running of our computer systems within the limits of requirements, specifications, costs and timelines. Nathen also supervises the implementation and maintenance of our company’s computing needs. As the Social Media Manager, Nathen is in charge of administering our social media accounts as well as responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers.

Jim Hampton

Technical Manager
It is the Tech. Managers responsibility to oversee the setup and maintenance of the Computers, Cameras, microphones, Recorders, Wires, Cables, Furniture, maintenance - Adjustment - and repair of the equipment as well as purchase and recommendation of the same. Jim has been a member of SPIRIT since 2008.

Kaleb Robinson

Chief of Staff
The job of Chief of Staff is multi-faceted. The COS has the following responsibilities: o Project manager - As such will work on active projects to assist if needed and track progress of that project. To report that progress at the next meeting. o Executive assistant to the Founders and head investigator - Responsible for meeting newsletters and taking notes during meetings. Also responsible for distributing finalized minutes to the membership. - Prior to stated meeting put together an agenda by checking with department heads and making an agenda to distribute. o Operations coordinator and supervisor - When an investigation, training or orientation is scheduled it is COS’s job to help organize and coordinate. - When a Paranormal U is to occur, it is the job of the of the COS to also help organize it. o Client interaction - Answering calls form the hotline and making a assessment - Participating in initial interview with client

Rachel Robinson

Transportation Manager
My name is Rachel and I have been a part of SPIRIT since 2016.My Job is to coordinate the team's transportation from site to site. I also assist in investigations as well as anything else the group may need. My interest in the paranormal is to learn as much as possible to help curb my curiosities from personal experiences. I have been a school bus driver and do posses a CDL class B Licenses.

Jaime Hampton

Senior Investigator & Investigator Trainer
Investigator Instructor Trainer is an investigator that has enough experience and training that they train other investigators. They are investigators that are very good mentors. All investigators are required to attend 14 hours of initial training in Parapsychology to be an investigator. Investigators complete continuing education as they progress through their membership in SPIRIT. They must participate in numerous investigations and must have completed several subject matter individual study subjects to become a full-fledged investigator. Investigators in training are members who are trained and will help during an investigation to research and investigate the site. They will record EVP's , EMF's Video, Still Photos and Personal experiences. I joined SPIRIT in 2012 because of my interest in knowing what happens after physical life ends. I have always felt there is more than what we can see. Outside of SPIRIT I am very involved in the Order of the Eastern Star and my community. I also enjoy spending time with my family & friends.

Kevin Scott

Weather Advisor
My Job is to keep the SPIRIT team informed of upcoming weather. Even though Kevin does not go out on investigations he is a integral part of the team at SPIRIT. He not only keeps watch over our area weather but also on Space Weater. Space weather and sun spots or flares seem to affect activity.

Chris Planeaux

Chris plays an important Role in SPIRIT. His responsibility as the Historian is to inform the team of all his findings about the area we will be working in. Although Chris does not go out for Investigations, he is still an integral part of SPIRIT.