Watch Paranormal television? Ever wonder what it would be like to be on the investigation with your favorite TV Team? Here is your chance.

We try to host two class sessions a year. 

Classes will include an investigation of a site known to be active.

Classes will include:

100 Introduction

101 Orientation

102 Paranormal Studies

103 Parapsychology

104 Paranormal Investigation Methodology

105 Scientific Equipment Training

106 Evidence Review

Here is how you reseve your spot in the class:

Click on the “Pre-Register” link on left side this page.

Complete the pre-registration form and and pay your fee .

You are now pre-registered!

Please note no refunds, so make sure you can attend

We must have a minum of eight persons to conduct the class.

Once we have the class full, we will then contact you by email.

Class locations are revealed the week of the class only.

Classes are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Also if you are seeking membership we like to draw new members who express interest in becoming a member of SPIRIT from our students in these classes.

The cost of the course is $45.00 a person.

All proceeds go to the group to help fund our research and equipment.