Paranormal Investigation requires some equipment to obtain evidence. The best tools of any investigator he or she has obtained at birth and are free. Your eyes and ears are the best. Unfortunately, mainstream science does not accept what our eyes and ears tell us about parapsychology. They want verifiable evidence to our hypothesis. We get the evidence by using instruments. The instruments we use are those of a scientific nature. In other words, they are instrument’s that measure elements that are proven to be a measurable element. They also can be calibrated to ensure that the evidence obtained is done so with a strict baseline. Matter of fact our whole investigative method must be established with some very strict base rules, and guidelines.

Here is some of the equipment we at SPIRIT use during an investigation:

EMF detectors

Surface and Ambient thermometers


3-D kinetic Cameras

Digital recorders

IR Go Pro Cams w/ IR illuminators

IR Stationary Cams

IR Handy camcorders w/ IR Illuminators

Multi Spectrum Cameras

Remote Microphones

Focus Objects

REM Pods

Static Detectors

These are just a few of the many pieces of equipment we use to gather evidence. There are many pieces of equipment we do not use as we can not validate the findings they provide nor; can we calibrate them. Most of all some of them we cannot explain why they work. Examples of these are dousing rods, spirit boxes, Ouija boards, physics, or an Ovilus.