SPIRIT welcomes applications from anyone interested in joining our organization.

Currently there are no available positions. We keep all applications on file for a year, when an opening becomes available, we prioritize from existing applications.
Qualifications are you must:

1.    Be 19 or older

2.    Have your own dependable transportation

3.    Have an internet connection and be able to communicate through email

4.    Have a cell phone and be able to communicate through text messaging.

5.    Be a team player and able to interact well with others

6.    Be able to follow orders, instructions, bylaws, and rules

7.    Be able to dedicate the time needed to do activities required.

8.    Purchase some personal equipment and gear.

9.    You do not have to believe in ghosts as we need skeptics as well.

10.    Have not been convicted of any major crime.

11.    Open minded, good attitude, self-motivated  and well grounded

12.    Must not use drugs

13.    Must complete all training including the 8 hour initial training.

Being one of “us” is a very big commitment. Both for you and the team members that will be accepting you in the group. We are a tight knit group at SPIRIT.